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December 04 2014

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Stephane Reynaud's Grandma's Roast Beef

June 02 2014

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Spanish omlette with additonal bacon and onion, just for taste.
Made in oven instead on pan, just because.

May 28 2014

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Welcome back to classic combacks:
Todays dish 2nd attempt to
Quiche au Poisson
Well it looks better, tastes better
and has no cheese on top.
It's quite decent dough.

May 19 2014

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Quiche Lorraine 2nd time.
Too much eggs,
olives on egg/joghurt mixture instead of under.
Taste bit shoppy.
Still worth it.
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February 10 2014

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Quiche au Bleu
It's really colourful dish.
It's also not blue at all
Tags: Food

February 04 2014

Quiche au bleu d'Auvergne et noix de Grenoble

In french
Bluecheese and walnuts tart
Tags: Food
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Szarlotka (Apple pie)
Just because
Tags: Food
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Quiche au poisson
Quality is bad, so was taste.
It should be better next time, as well as photo quality.
Tags: Food

Fish tart

In english
Tags: Food
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Famous flamiche picarde,
well not that famous but definitely meatless
and delicious.
Tags: Food
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Flamiche III: video
Tags: Food

Flamiche II: sans lardon

In french
Tags: Food


In english
Leek tart
Tags: Food
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My food without me
Tags: Food
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Me and my food.
Also it was stuffed with stuffing instead of hay.
Tags: Food

Quiche lorraine z boczkiem i cebulą.

In polish (duh!)
Also no proof that I have succeed.
Tags: Food
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